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This two day hands-on workshop is perfect for the individual looking to learn how to make 2D-8D hand-made fans using the pinching and strip method! Be able to offer your clients an advanced service and simultaneously increase revenue! Using a Volume Weight Lash Chart and understanding the eyelash growth cycle, you will learn safe and proper placement of volume fans.


Tiffany always places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients. Eye Shapes, Natural Lash Growth direction, pre-prepping fans, and different styles of volume lashes will also be covered. The products used in this workshop are of the highest quality and give visibility to some of the most reputable lash extension suppliers on the market. My goal is to prepare you to become an Advanced Lash Artist.

You will be ready to confidently raise prices, improve your timing and create beautiful, clean volume sets.

After certification, you will receive ongoing mentorship during your lash artistry journey so you will always have a helping hand and questions answered. 


VOLUME lash workshop - $1,100

*You must hold an aesthetician or cosmetologist license to take this course.

Course includes a Starter Kit, personal breakfast and coffee order for both days.

Please note that a nonrefundable deposit of $400 is required for all Volume Lash Workshop registrations. Remaining balance due 1 week prior to training.



1st Day:

10am-6pm with lunch break

Allergies + Irritations

Volume Lash Weight

Lash Layers

Pinching Method

Strip Method

Theory + Business Manual


2nd Day:

10am-2pm Live Model

Photo Taking & Editing Process

Continued Mentorship

Personalized & Sealed Certificate of Completion

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